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Granite Plaques (horizontal) with FREE plaque stand

Our beautiful Granite Photo Plaques, are "NEW" to our website.  They are available in 3 sizes 5" x 7", 8" x 11", and 12" x 12" just click below to choose the size you want.  Our starting price for our 5" x 7" plaques are $79.99.  We are so excited to offer another line of products that are created from a natural product and made right here in the U.S.A.  These beautiful and unique granite memorial plaques are the perfect way to honor and remember a loved one by.  These Granite Plaques also make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, awards, showers, promotions, retirements, as well as, for your own personal use.  We guarantee that your gift will be appreciated for a life time, because it reflects the love you have for one another.  Your plaque will be a unique conversation piece, for others that see it for the first time, in your home or office.  A photo or clip-art of your choice is laser etched into the polished Black Granite.  The utmost detail will be revealed in your finished item.  These unique Granite Plaques will remain as a timeless and permanent reminder of a loved one, a special event, a favorite photo, or accomplishment.  You create your one-of-a-kind plaque.  You choose your own favorite photo or clip-art to be etched into the granite, you can also add names, dates, poems, special wording, basically, anything you want to add to your plaque, we can do just about anything.  All of our Black Granite Plaques come with a FREE plaque stand.  You supply us with a photo or clip-art to be engraved and you can add Names, Dates, and Wording for FREE.  You need to let us know the placement area that you would like to have the photo/clip-art and wording located on your unique plaque.  We will provide you with a proof that will show you the exact layout of what it will look like prior to the laser etching of your plaque.  We can make any necessary changes after you have reviewed your plaque's proof.  You can provide us with your ideas via email or by calling us, our contact information is listed below.  Again, we enjoy assisting you in creating your beautiful plaque that celebrates life and love.  (Initial price for our black granite plaques include the engraving of one of your own photos or clip-art, and any names, dates, and wording you would wish to add to your plaque.  You will also be provided with a FREE plaque stand for each plaque ordered)  This is a horizontal plaque.

Please tell us what FONT STYLE you would like to use for the engraving/etching of the words (Times New Roman, Arial, or Goudy).  Otherwise, our standard Times New Roman will be used.

Item #GPH-Plaque

Choose Plaque Size:
FREE OPTION: Names, Dates, Wording, Font Style (enter here)

Our price: $109.99  Special price $79.99

Having a cremation urn engraved with a personal photograph email the digital photograph with a minimum of 300 dpi in a JPG format. The larger your photo image and the more dpi quality will create better engraving results. 
All customers will be emailed an engraving proof that will show the exact layout of your requested engraving information.  This allows you a visual so that you know your instructions were followed.  We will not engrave your order without your permission to do so.  So please watch for our email message that will contain your engraving proof, make sure to check your spam folder for this email message.
IMPORTANT:  Prior to ordering we ask that you know exactly what you want engraved.  There is a charge of $25 for each additional engraving proof you ask us to do.  We ask that you state your instructions when ordering or send a separate email message to with the detailed instructions.  If you give no instructions, the engraving proof will be set-up in the standard format as seen in the photo on our website.  If we make a mistake in following your instructions, misspell or have a date incorrect there is no charge to correct the error and send you a revised engraving proof.
Phone Orders:  (847) 249-7550
Email Orders 

(If ordering from a country other than the USA, you are completely responsible for your country's
taxes, duties, tariffs, and fees that may apply to your order or to the shipping of your order.)
You will be emailed the package tracking information when your order ships.
Choosing an express shipping method will give your order a priority status
with us and we will expedite the processing of your order.
Our specialty urns like our Carved, Portrait Engraved,
Chestnut Finish, Recessed, Back-Side Engraving,
Companion and Antiqued Urns can take up to an additional
5-7 business days to process.
We do not guarantee delivery time on orders to Canada and outside the continental U.S.
We DO NOT charge any U.S. surcharge fees on debit/credit card paid orders.